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A boosted construction company saves time and money

Golding Contractors A construction company in Queensland, Australia had the need to make securely available the data on their internal web server. They had already implemented a VPN solution, but found this cumbersome since users had to have the VPN software installed on their PCs and access was slow over dialup internet lines as the data from the internal web server did not support compression. Puakma Web Booster was installed in their DMZ as a gateway linking the external users with their internal web server. SSL encryption was applied to the user connection so that all data travelling over the internet was encrypted with 128bit encryption. In addition Web Booster's on-the-fly compression was turned on, making the system perform as if they were using it in the office.

Communication to 230 department stores speeds up by 78%

Royal Ahold Central Europe

Royal Ahold Central Europe - the largest retail chain in Central and Eastern Europe succesfully deployed Puakma Web Booster to deliver business critical data to all its departments stores in the country. Data from a Lotus Domino based web comunications application ran as fast as a rocket to more than 230 stores spread across the country.

"Booster simply rocks! We never expected such HUGE SAVINGS".

"Compression over 70% is fantastic and it solved the Domino lazy http problem forever. Good job guys!" says project manager Michael Kukula showing the comparative table. The main goal of the project - to save as much data transfer through weak 64kB lines as possible by GZIP http compression was reached by Puakma Web Booster perfectly.

The old fashioned Notes based system with 230 unmanagable local replicas to deliver critical business related messages to stores was replaced by Domino web application. The data flow was about 200 MB a day. When http content was boosted by Puakma Web Booster, the average content compression ration reached was over 78%. The response time over the network reached was 22 ms and Web Booster has been up since it was installed. In the first few days Booster received over 230,000 hits and served all request in less then 30 ms.

Puakma Web Booster made user life easier by accessing web pages at light speed even over a slow network. The company saves over 30 GB of data flow per year all through a single application.

Real world statistics

These statistics are from this website, taken on 23 December 2005.

Compressible bytes:10,277,920
Bytes after compression:2,421,310
Sites rich in html content can easily achieve these figures. To check your Booster compression statistics type 'tell booster status' at the Web Booster console.