Web Booster

Web Booster: Features

Feature list

Web Booster has a huge feature list. Don't just take our word for it - download and test Web Booster on your servers.

  • Improves page serve time by up to 75%
  • No client software installation
  • Supports all web browsers
  • Reduces network traffic through HTTP compression
  • Choose which content to compress
  • Load sharing across a cluster
  • Multiple clusters supported by each Booster instance
  • Works with all existing HTTP servers (Apache, Websphere, Domino, IIS, SunOne, Netscape, etc)
  • Seamless cluster failover
  • Small install footprint
  • Easy to configure
  • Robust
  • IP Address blacklisting (normal and aggressive modes)
  • Works on any hardware with a 1.4 or greater JVM (Linux, Solaris, Windows, Netware, OSX, AS400, OS390, etc)
  • Single sign-on capabilities
  • Extensible plugin API for custom HTTP processing