Puakma Web Booster

Puakma Web Booster 2.97

Puakma Web Booster is used to speed the performance of HTTP servers by compressing content and providing seamless cluster failover. Web Booster is free for non-Commercial use.

  • Updated Booster to work better with IIS 6.0. IIS 6 replies to POSTs with a 100 Continue and a 200 OK.

  • Changed the functionality of BOOSTERUnavailableFile= in puakma.config. When this setting is missing or does not refer to a valid file, the connection will be dropped immediately. This allows smart switches to sit in front of Booster and allows them to detect when there are no available hosts in the cluster.

  • In booster.config FORCECLIENTSSL~*=1 This new setting will force the browser connection to use SSL for the named cluster. Default setting is 0, or does not force SSL.

  • It was possible for data to be served from the Booster cache even after a HTTPHeaderProcessor had replied to the client

  • Previously when HTTPHeaderProcessors replied to the client with no http payload (such as in the case of a 401 response), Booster would add a payload of "Response has no content". Booster now supports a content-length: of zero