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Office move

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Last week saw us move to a new office. It's great spot in the Parramatta CBD. On Saturday a couple friends help move the new seven foot 47RU server racks up three flights of fire stairs into their new location. Picked a great day to move them as it was 41 degrees C! Many thanks to Andrew and Bruce for the help - definitely couldn't have done it without you.

Next task was the cabling of the office. It came prewired with cat5 and we also have a wifi network. Unfortunately the cat5 all went to the wrong end of the room and had had its RJ45 connectors cut off, leaving just a spray of UTP cables. Luckily the extra tall Bruce helped rerun the cabling to the new racks through the roof cavity where we added new RJ45 connectors to the ends of the wires.

I don't know how many of you have attempted to wire up a RJ45 connector, but (IMHO) it's deceivingly difficult. You have 8 colour-coded wires that need to fit into a moulded plastic connector. Easy right. Nope. My first attempts at home earlier in the week resulted in 5 incorrectly wired connectors, a cable tester is a must! A quick search located a cabling diagram off the net and I finally got it right.

Of course the office had its own complexities. It seems cat5B is the most common wiring method, so I (wrongly) assumed this was how the wall sockets were wired. After attaching one RJ45 connector cat5B style, I quickly discovered (through the cable tester) that the plugs were cat5A. I cut the connector off and attached a new one. This time I inadvertently put the connector on upside down (easy mistake, trust me) which wired the plug backwards. As the cable tester counted 1 through 8, the remote end ot the tester (at the wall socket) counted 8 backwards to 1. Damn. Third time lucky...

18 RJ45 connectors later and we were networking like a pro ;-) It was fun, just don't ask me to do it again... 


  1. Just read through you're blog for a bit. Interesting points throughout. Love the carrot dangling comments, very reminiscent of some of my personal experiences. I agree with point a) RUN!!!


    Comment posted by Andrew on 2006-02-21 21:32:41.0 | mail

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