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Web 2.0 Hoopla

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 09:38

Running a company in the IT industry you have to continually look at trends and evaluate new technology as it comes along for fear of becoming a "legacy provider" - yesterday's news. The trick is to look a few years into the future, try to predict where the industry is heading and start to manouvre the company towards the target. Not so easy, roll the dice baby...

Some time ago I started seeing this "Web 2.0" about the place. Immediately thinking "Oh no, a whole new Internet is coming and I completely missed it. We're DOOMED I tell you, DOOMED!".

Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat.

After a little digging, it would appear Web 2.0 is a crock. Seems to be built on another buzzword: AJAX. Web 2.0 is really applications that are a little more interactive. Flickr is (apparently) a Web 2.0 app. Hmmm. A service for uploading and dsplaying photos. Doesn't sound so revolutionary does it?

I have decided we will be skipping Web 2.0 completely and move right on to Web 3.3. See you there.


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