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I'm Brendon Upson, jack-of-all-trades, master of one or two. I'm talking about life running a small ISV tackling business issues and leaping technology hurdles in a single bound.

webWise Network Consultants is based in Sydney, Australia and develops the groundbreaking Puakma server technology.


More power!

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Build 317 of the IDE was released today. This has some cool functionality for favourites (a short list of apps you regularly work on) and just gets better with every release. The client project I am working on at the moment sees me using the IDE every day and giving it a fair kick. I can say with a high degree of certainty it works great! I find I am resorting to the webdesign app less and less wich is a good thing. We'll continue to support webdesign.pma though as it's still very useful for those times when you have to take a look at the design collection and you don't have your monster Eclipse installation with you.

We're continuing to power on with the redesign of puakma.net. It's always a struggle when you've got a high customer workload on AND you're trying to continue to move forward as fast as possible.

I read something the other day saying the popularity of Java is dropping in favour of scripting languages such as PHP. I squarely blame the myriad of confusing acronyms and Sun's repeated attemps to further confuse the development community. Tornado is a major effort to reduce that confusion and move to using vanilla Java.

2006: The year Tornado Server comes of age.


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