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Relational Database Replication

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 17:46

We are working on a project at the moment that is crying out for Notes' replication abilities. Unfortunately, the data model is very complex and would be a complete nightmare to implement in Notes. The customer wants a stand-alone system to be installed at each site and to have the databases merge at specified intervals.

Naively I had assumed there was some addon product that would allow this to happen magically (yes, OK, I was spoiled by Notes...). Truth is that even those products that do the magic (Oracle), the programmer must still ensure the keys are unique. Well duh, that's the hard part!

I am now in the process of retrofitting the application with new primary keys (SiteCode+IncrementingNumber, eg WNC199).Previously I was simply using an integer. This is a massive change to the structure.

Once the data model is updated, then I'll have to write the replication logic. I am hoping this will be quite easy and I can tackle it in a generic fashion. I am going for a hub/spoke topology with everything replicated through the head office server. The replicator will run as a seperate task as a scheduled action in a utility application.

I never did want an easy life... 


  1. If its bi-directional replication, its probably going to be a *lot* of work.

    Comment posted by Damien Katz on 2005-11-16 01:37:56.0 | mail

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