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Looking at the AJAX hype

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 09:01

In the last week I've been looking at AJAX. If you're a web developer and you don't know about AJAX yet, you've been living under a rock! For those rock-dwellers ajax is another fancy acronym for something simple. Ajax allows the browser to make "background" requests to the web server without refreshing the whole page. The beauty of this is that it make the web page seem like it's quite interactive, more like a desktop application. Goodbye submit button!

The drawback of ajax is that is now starts to put much of the application's logic on the client side, all well and good, but you still need validation on the server-side to since anyone can whack a http request at the server (not neccessarily using your fancy new ajax app). Great. So now we have validation clientside and serverside. Looks like twice the work to me. Building the appropriate gymnastics into a web application to ajax-ify it is currently a pain with lots of hand crafting and the usual browser idiosyncrasies - it adds a lot of time to building a web app.

The good news is it looks great, feels quite responsive and the users love it. Ajax has a real future but won't hit prime time until we start building clientside javascript development libraries to hide a lot of the mechanical complexity from the developer. 


  1. why do you need validation twice? just curious. :-)

    Comment posted by jonvon on 2005-11-18 05:41:48.0 | mail

  2. It's nice to tell the user up front that there is a problem with the data they are inputing (eg, mandatory field, date format, ...). Because there are a number of tools to enable you to send arbitrary requests to a web server (and the database usually requires some mandatory info, like not null fields in a RDBMS), this means some rudimentary checking needs to be done on the server side too.

    Comment posted by Brendon Upson on 2005-11-18 09:15:43.0 | mail

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