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Taming the Vortex

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 11:00

For the last couple of days I have been working flat out inside our Vortex IDE, using it to create web apps. My impression so far: IT ROCKS!

Obviously there are a few small issues that need ironing out (like creating a new action and having it appear as shared code. wtf?) The good news is we can still use the webdesign.pma application as a backstop so the small hurdles are easily overcome. I'm guessing about a 15% productivity gain over the existing development tools. That's huge!

The application I have been working on is an internal one for managing our consulting projects. It's a job I have been putting off but we're at the point now where we have a few too many balls in the air and tracking them all is becoming difficult. This is a revamp of our old project management system, this time tuned specifically for software development. The big focus area is on scope management and breaking a customers whim into some tangible outputs. The model seems to work well with the little data I have entered, and I know this will be a continuing work in progress. So far so good.

That's life here at the moment, eating hearty doses of our own dog food and strangely enjoying it.

We also got away last week for a couple of days at the snow. Hard to tell from the picture but that's actually an Australian winter. Left to right: Brendon Upson (me), Bruce Williams, Martin Novak (Mr Vortex IDE).


  1. I thought you said you're working hard on the IDE? hehe, everyone needs a break, even Mr IDE! Looking forward to the beta guys, great job so far!

    Comment posted by Chris Bekas on 2005-08-31 22:10:21.0 | mail

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