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The death of Java

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 10:03

What's up with Java. I love the language but sometimes want to grab Sun (and IBM) by the neck and give them a good "WAKE UP TO YOURSELF"!

When Java started out we had Java 1.0. Great. Then came 1.1. Even better. Then things started to go ugly. Java 1.2 became Java 2, but was still referred to as 1.2. (wtf?). Then 1.3 that was still 2. 1.4, still 2. Now most recently Java 1.5 referred to as 5 or Tiger. For f#&k sake. Why???? You're killing the language by confusing the very developers you rely on.

Then we compound the confusion by offering a: JRE, SDK, J2SESDK, J2EESDK, J2ME, JavaCard ...anyone want a bundle with Netbeans? Sadly this is nowhere near as confusing as trying to download IBM's Eclipse. RCP? Platform? SDK? Don't even get me started on the Eclipse API.

Hey, wait we're not done yet! Enter the libraries: JFace, J2EE, JUnit, Hibernate, JLogger, Struts ...which if you want to do anything remotely useful with your shiny new J2EE server you will need.

Wake up guys! Microsoft is kicking your @ss because they know how to make complex things simple. Sure it may not be as extensible or open or free, but it works (99% of the time) with very little effort. This is what we're trying to achieve with Puakma Tornado server. We've already built the factories and done the hard stuff so you can just get on with writing great web apps.


  1. wow, and I thought that I had rage against the machine ;-)

    Man, I agree 99% with your appreciation. The remaining 1% is because I work with IBM SW :-S.

    I think that sadly for us who loves web development and belieave that it can be in a easy way, the industry has the mission to standarize everything, and make anyone to follow them. May be the people who is doing that job is not doing a good job anyways.

    Well, I will rant a bit mor from my blog later, Time to lunch and I don't want to eat with anger ;-)


    Comment posted by Alex Hernandez on 2005-07-14 04:05:24.0 | mail

  2. I'm with you buddy all the way.

    The eclipse situation has slightly improved - they have simplified the download pages. I remember the first time I went to download the thing and it was like "what the *" - and its not like im not in the industry or anything!

    Comment posted by Steve Castledine on 2005-07-20 21:37:05.0 |

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