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Standards and market leaders

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 09:03

From time to time we come across issues with internet RFCs. The RFC will say something about how a client or server should behave, but during testing we find that the market leader (usually Microsoft Internet Explorer) does something a little bit different. This creates a dilemma, do we:

a) Stick to the spec because the standard is correct (and exclude 90+% of users)

b) Make it work with IE, breaking the standard and further reinforcing their market dominance

Tough questions. The ultimate issue is that we need to eat and need to make products that are useful to our customers. This usually means heading through door b. It's annoying as a developer to either purposely break something or introduce a ream of inelegant code which amounts to a kludge to make things work. 


  1. Well there is allways a middle ground. Narrowing down the utterings of an Indian gentleman (ca 1029 BC): "All software is suffering". So either your users suffer using a not well designed code or you suffer making it work under all conditions.
    So I would add option c) (which unfortunatly adds to your suffering): do it standard compliant but sniff for non-compliant browsers and overload (subclass?) your functional classes.
    ;-) stw

    Comment posted by Stephan H. Wisse on 2005-06-30 01:46:10.0 | mail

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