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Puakma platform stats

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I've been tinkering for a while now on how to make a web UI to front end the Web Booster ESSO product. Bascially, a way to manage and review the Booster instance from a web browser, mostly an easy way to control the configuration params. The second part of this job was to provide some useful statistics on how the server is performing.

Ok, sounded like an easy job. Until I got digging. I wanted to be able to record statistics in a rolling time window, like http hits per minute, logins per hour etc. Plus also the ability to store/record non numeric values oen off values, like last http hit (date/time). Hmmm. First off I thought I'd just make a simply list that recorded a timestamp (occurrence) and a value. If I wanted hits per hour, simply filter the list for all entries that fell in that time period. This was quickly discounted as a busy server with tens of thousands of hits per hour would quickly use up valuable memory.

The solution was to make periods, a start timestamp and an end timestamp with a counter. This way I could just pass the current time and a value and the stats code would work out which period slot to increment. The second part was to prune the list. We don't want the list to grow and grow, again using up valuable memory. When the stats object is created we specify how many periods of history we want to keep, like if we're recording hourly we don't want more than 24 periods.

This data will drive some fancy charts on the dashboard of the Web Booster admin app.


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