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Farther into the Vortex

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 09:48

Last night I installed the latest version of the Puakma Vortex IDE. Wow. There are still some corners to round off and bugs to squash but a real beta release should be here very soon. Thanks to Martin Novak for his great work in getting the IDE to where it is now.

Up to now I have been creating web apps using a mixture of tools and process which can best be described as clunky. Netbeans for java coding, Xcode for text/xml/js/css editing webdesign app for adjusting app properties and creating new design elements and a client-side java app for automatically uploading design changes into the web app. It's complicated but when you get used to it, it's OK. All that changes now. The Vortex IDE is the one stop shop for all web app development. Click around inside one application and as if by magic the design changes are sent by web services to the Tornado Server. My estimate is a time saving of around 20%. That's not insignificant. Our goal to be the fastest web development platform is very near.

So what corners need rounding off? From my first look these are the big ones:

  • The initial connection dialog has a few bugs when you try to set up connections to multiple Tornado servers.
  • When you first compile a java class it does not get uploaded, you have to compile twice the first time.
  • The libraries/classes section of the app is confusing
  • An easy fast way of opening the action code from the page design element

Martin is now on holidays travelling throughout the US on a monster road trip. When he gets back there'll be a feature freeze and a move to get the first real beta out. Take a test drive here http://www.puakma.net/ide

Side note: Puakma Tornado Server 3.17 was released today. This has a HUGE number of fixes and enhancements. Grab a copy now ;-)


  1. Yes indeed, Martin has done a great job at the IDE; I agree, there's some polishing up left to do but essentially it's there. Sure, it's not Visual Studio (and you don't want it to be!) but coming from a Domino Designer angle it's intuitive enough. I'd like to see some facilities to help you manage your database/tables from the IDE and perhaps some sort of form builder. So far, it has saved be heaps of time as it is! Job well done to both of you!

    Comment posted by Chris Bekas on 2005-05-25 21:15:36.0 | mail

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