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2009 has certainly got off to an odd start. On the one hand, the "experts" are telling us what a massive pile of poo we've got ourselves into financially, and on the other I've never been busier! Strange indeed. January and early February are usually the quieter months of the year, time to do some reflection and planning for the coming year. Not so this year - Maybe March...?

On the music side of things, all my new guitar amp gear has arrived (Mesa boogie Triaxis and 20/20 power amp) and it sounds FANTASTIC. Well worth the pain, cost and effort to get the pieces here from the US. To go with the new gear, I built a pair of speaker boxes to go with the new stereo guitar amp :-) To buy new here they're stupidly expensive and very hard to get. They're only single 12" boxes but sound HUGE with great bass response, based on a Thiele design for Electrovoice (TL806). The only downside is the full kit is now more difficult to transport and takes a bit longer to set up, but did I mention it sounds FANTASTIC??

Rock on!



  1. You built those? wow! they look like they came out of mesa labs ;)

    Comment posted by Chris Bekas on 2009-02-16 10:30:37.0 | mail

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