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Long time, no writing

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 13:39

It's been a busy time of the year. We've had a couple of trips away to see family and introduce Brooke to those who had yet to meet her. On top of that a rather large system implementation at a customer has meant much time spent getting their bits sorted. Mmmm SAP integration. Fun for the whole family....

On top of that I've been giving the guitar(s) a good workout. I am suffering a serious bout of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) which will hopefully be cured with some Mesa/Boogie amplification. Surely SOMEONE will be wanting to sell a Triaxis for $200!! I live in hope....

On the home front we're busy each weekend still trying to tame the half acre and turn it into an "easycare" block. Needless to say, the chainsaw is getting a good workout.

Christmas will be here before we know it.


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