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Apple, Google, MS and things to come

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 11:22

Here's a few random thoughts.

1. I managed to snap my right arrow key on my macbook pro (my fault completely....). I though I could get a replacement KEY. No. I have to buy an entire KEYBOARD. Thats $95 plus $75 for a half hour labour. Robbery. Apple will never make it in the server market until they change their hardware support (which is notoriously bad) and pricing.

2. iPhone 3g - big deal?

Sure, it's "just a phone". The device itself is not entirely a market changer, but the way we will use it will be. More and more we will use this (and devices like it) more than we use our PC. Why? Because it's convenient, it's always with us and always connected. This is why the blackberry has been so popular. The difference with the iphone is that for the first time we have a decent size screen and an intuitive way of interacting with it. IMHO microsoft have totally lost the plot. The Windows franchise is dying quickly as worthy competitors in Mac OS X and Linux are hammering at the gates and their online strategy is seemingly non-existant. Devices like the iphone and later Andriod from Google will serve to completely bypass the traditional PC business, meaning Windows and desktop operating systems will become redundant. The phone IS the PC.


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