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Hollywood needs a slap

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 14:36

There's a show I've been watching, but due to pre-natal classes I've only ever seen the first half hour and miss the rest. Call me old, but I'm lovin' Grand Designs Abroad. But I never get to see how the houses turn out!

Amazon to the rescue. I log on to Amazon UK (bit torrent is naughty, don't do that) and locate series 3 and 4 DVDs and order them. Amazon's super service has them to me in super quick time. Perfect. Next I poke the DVD into my MacBook and......


Bah! The disk is coded for region 2 and I am in region 4. This sucks and blows all at the same time. Here I have done the right thing and purchased a legit copy and now can't play it - well I can, it's just that I can only change the region on my DVD drive 4 times before it's locked to the last region.

Fortunately I have a PC with a LiteOn drive wich seemed to not care so much about this region business and read the disk ok with a pesky region change. All files are now copied to disk and I'm able to watch it with VLC player. Of course you could also use this: http://www.mrbass.org/dvdrip/ ;-)

Question is what would a mere mortal do that does not have access to extensive computer hardware and software, let alone even understand this confusing region coding?

Region coding is only good for the movie studios so they can charge $35 for a DVD in Australia and 3 rupees in India. DRM is bad for the customer. 


  1. Rs3/- in India. Give me a break! VCDs cost around Rs300/- and DVDs around Rs500/- at least.

    Multi-zone DVD players are readily available these days. We used to live in India and brought our DVDs back to the UK without any problems.

    Completely agree though that DRM is bad for the customer.


    Comment posted by Rob Wills on 2008-06-02 05:51:38.0 | mail

  2. The ridiculous thing is that it doesn't stop the pirates from ripping off the DVDs at all. It just inconveniences genuine customers. It's one of the most stupid marketing decisions ever. But the inability to change regions on a Mac for only 4 times is presumably a DRM decision that Apple made. So the Studio's stupidity is just compounded by Steve Job's stupidity - oh wait, he's a major shareholder in one of the studio's so I guess he thinks he's protecting another of his paychecks.

    Comment posted by Bernard on 2008-08-15 10:34:41.0 | mail

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