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Shaj: New Customer

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 18:00

We're almost at the end of another project for a customer. They are running Fedora Core and have a Tornado app to manage their office. I decided we should hook up tornado to their Linux system accounts so today began the quest to find a solution. Shaj. Great piece of software! All I had to do was write a new tornado Authenticator to access the Shaj libraries - took about 10 minutes ;-) ...and have rolled the ShajAuthenticator into puakma.jar so all tornado users now have access to it. 

For more info, http://opensource.cenqua.com/shaj/ Then I thought I'd go the whole hog and wrote another tornado app to change the current user's Linux passwords (for general system access and Samba). That took a little longer, but the net result was well worth it.

So far so good with the 4.0.0 beta. Speed seems quite a bit faster due to the better caching of a applications, and even better haven't broken anything (yet).



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