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Moved Tornado development to Eclipse 3.2.1

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 00:06

Enough talking about it. Now it's done. Today I have officially moved Puakma development on to Eclipse 3.2.1. A few days ago Martin released a stable enough version of Vortex 1.1 (based on Eclipse 3.2) which we have now switched to for development of web apps. Netbeans 3.6 is hell old and I have been waiting and waiting for a good version of eclipse before I made the leap. As expected it has taken me about 5 hours to port all the netbeans project setup across to Eclipse. The good news is Eclipse helps you write better code (eg by telling you what variables you've declared but never used), so I've been through all the source tree and tweaked the source to remove (almost) all the warnings (about 3 to go).

Strangest thing so far is setting up a jar archive. I like to have my source for editing, then click an icon in the project to generate a puakma.jar. Eclipse has a strange way of setting this up. It almost makes sense now but was difficult to initially work out. 

Tornado is across, now just ESSO and the Ltpa API to go, then it's bye-bye Netbeans 3.6.


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