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Skypecasting blows goats!

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 19:47

Here's a hot tip for anyone attempting a skypecast: DON'T.

Last night's inaugural Tornado Developers meeting went well, but the skypecast didn't. After wrestling with the time (making sure the cast would start when I expected it to) I finally got the skypecast ready for people to join. Unfortunately it appears in the public skype directory meaning EVERYONE on the planet can join in. BAD, VERY BAD. All these goobers from all over the world started connecting in and yelling and hollering into their microphones completely destroying the meeting. A little like having a bunch of rowdy gatecrashers overtake your party. The meeting was quickly moved.

I had a wee chat with Chris from podmatcher last night and we're going to work together to roll in the ajax chat system I wrote last week with podmatcher. I am optimistic this won't take too long and we can move our meetings permanently to podmatcher. That should save a huge number of headaches and make the chat easily accessible to everyone - even from your work, through a firewall :-)


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