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We have set up a pod on www.podmatcher.com for those interested in Tornado development. We will meet online at 9pm each Tuesday (Sydney time) to discuss all things Tornado. This is your chance to talk directly to other Tornado developers and get some direct answers to any questions you may have. Registration is free, so even if you're only vaguely interested there's some great developers involved who I am sure will pass on a pearl or two of wisdom!

Further to this, I was looking at using skype as the conversation meduim (which will we will probably do for the first chat). Unfortunately there are some serious logistical issues when using skype in an "organised" multi user chat, eg someone needs to know all the skype ids to conference everyone in - and everyone needs skype. So, in order to solve this going forward I have been working on an ajax chat ap. This will hopefully be soon integrated into podmatcher and it will be a case of going to podmatcher, logging in and clicking on the link to open the chat.

Next time I'll talk about the mechanics of how a browser-based chat system works. 

UPDATE: Thanks Marcin! Here's the link to a "skypecast" https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=39727  


  1. I haven't used it before, but apparently there's a thing called Skypecasts that's part of Skype. You advertise your skypecast, users click on a link to join and you get an interface with the usual web conference functions like putting hands up to talk, muting people etc.. Doesn't solve the problem of everyone needing Skype, but solves the problem of needing everyone's skype IDs.

    Comment posted by Marcin on 2006-09-29 08:22:26.0 | mail

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