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webWise Network Consultants is based in Sydney, Australia and develops the groundbreaking Puakma server technology.


Single Sign On and OpenSource Tornado Server relea

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Release the hounds!

Tornado Server is now GPL and released. We have given the website a few minor tweaks and updates where neccessary. We sincerely hope you enjoy using Tornado Server as much as we have creating it. To go with the new Tornado release is a matching Vortex with .dmg installer for Mac OS X and a .jar installer for all other platforms.

Web Single Sign On for WebSphere and Domino
Today we also released the public evaluation version of Web Booster ESSO, this had previously been a "by request" download, but is now available to all. Grab a copy now and see how much your users will love you for removing that annoying password prompt on their web applications :-) You can even install it along side your production infrastructure and trial ESSO without affecting the production environment.



  1. Great news! Can't wait! :-)

    Comment posted by Erwin on 2006-07-06 19:04:15.0 |

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