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ProjectReactor: The type of app Tornado was built

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 2008-03-31

It's been a loooong time coming but we're gearing up for a release of ProjectReactor.net. We have been using this web application to manage our consulting business for the last 3+ years. It enables us to interact with our clients and manage the time spent etc on things our customers ask for. For a long time it's been rather "bare bones", that is, it had just enough in there to enable us to get our primary job done. Over the last couple of months we've been re-architecting it a little to be more flexible and dynamic.

In essence it will be a basecamp competitor. Basecamp is a great tool but I believe misses the mark a little in managing the lifecycle of a project. A bascamp project is essentially a flat to do list. We have approached the whole project management proposition from a different angle. Rather than focusing inward on the team and tasks, we focus on the customer and what they want (features). By managing and delivering a customer's "wants" the project is delivered. The ability to break a project into phases allows pre-planning of the next version or point release, so over time you get a fantastic picture of the project; what features were delivered in what phase, what time was billed to various features, why things took longer than expected, etc. 

Initially access will be by invitation only. If you are looking for a better way to manage your projects, drop me a line :-)