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I'm Brendon Upson, jack-of-all-trades, master of one or two. I'm talking about life running a small ISV tackling business issues and leaping technology hurdles in a single bound.

webWise Network Consultants is based in Sydney, Australia and develops the groundbreaking Tornado Server technology.


Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 2007-02-27

I'm off on business for the next two weeks to the US, then I'm moving house. Busy, busy, busy.

We'll also be at CeBit in Hannover mid-March, so if you'd like to meet up, drop me a line.


Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 2007-02-13

Until recently Tornado has been aimed squarely at intranets, running inside companies serving up complex data driven web applications. To do this, we use a centralised directory (or directories) of users so once you log in once to the server, your identity is maintained across all applications. While this works wonderfully well in an Intranet scenario, for Internet applications we often want to have users for one application log in and authenticate against that application. 

To get around this, we have introduced a new field on the login page for the application called "$BypassAuthenticators" and set it to a value of "1". This causes the default authentication chain for Tornado to be ignored and relies on the save action for the login page to authenticate and log in the user.

One of the things Tornado allows is the access and manipulation of the users session object. Basically changing the username of the session to anything other than "Anonymous" causes the session to no longer be regarded as anonymous, eg a logged in user.

Now, use your new powers for good not evil ;-) 

Tornado 3.56 is out now!

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 2007-02-07

Crikey! This one has been on my todo list for a few months now. New version of Tornado is out. Of course this is the best yet, if you have an older version definitely upgrade. There are a bunch of fixes in the system web apps and more Tornado tweaks and updates than you can shake a stick at. A new version of the Vortex IDE should be available in the next couple of days - the code is done, it's just a case of packaging it all up.

Get Tornado here.

Also available on sourceforge here .