Puakma: Under the hood

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Tornado gets smaller and faster. I get less hair

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 2006-11-16

I'm now officially over the Eclipse immediate IDE learning curve. Two nights ago I moved the Puakma project over to the Eclipse development platform. I knew there would be issues, but 118 source files and 3+ changes per file later we have a source tree with no compiler warnings. The most common warnings were unused variables/methods and imports that were never used. The changes were simple albeit very, very tedious. The good news is we're done :-)

I ran the javadoc creator and have discovered (a fact I was blatantly ignoring!) 265 javadoc errors/warnings. Now I need to set some quality time aside and work my way through updating the source file documentation. Should be fun. Not. Programmer l-o-v-e documentation.

The good news is all these pain in the @ss problems for me mean better, smaller, faster code for you. Can't be a bad thing.

I have also switched across to the latest version of the Vortex IDE (1.1 which is also based on Eclipse 3.2, hmmm what a coincidence...), which addresses a number of issues in Vortex 1.0. For me moving to 1.1 for my daily customer facing development is a huge step. It means it works well enough that I can get some serious customer work done. Of course, 1.1 is not perfect, but it is another step along the way to my idea of perfect, and each step builds on the last.