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webWise Network Consultants is based in Sydney, Australia and develops the groundbreaking Tornado Server technology.

Show and tell: Ajax spell checker

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 2006-04-23

Daniel has been busy knocking together the first release of a Tornado spell checking application over the last couple of weeks. It is modelled off the gmail spell checker and uses the opensource jazzy spell checking engine. We've hooked this up using ajax and it provides quite a nice interface. This is verison one, so we know there's a few bits and pieces that don't work quite right. Download the full pmx and take a look, or test drive here.

Today is ANZAC day here. It's a day that we in this part of the world remember the sacrifices made by our ancestors during the various world wars to afford us the freedoms we enjoy today. Last week was my grandfather's 90th birthday - he served in Africa during world war 2.  

Easter trip over the ditch

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 2006-04-11

Tomorrow sees me heading to New Zealand for my grandfather's 90th birthday. Wow. What a milestone! It has certainly been a privilege to know him and I'm very pleased to be able to celebrate his 90th. I'll be gone for a week and will hopefully not overdose on chocolate eggs! Auckland weather is notoriously biting so I'll be sure to pack some wet weather gear and something warm. Might even take a look around for some ugg boots :-)

As usual it's been situation flat out busy here. www.puakma.net moved from our service provider into our office. It ruined my uptime stats but had to be done :-( I have finally got around to hooking up awstats to run on that server so we now have an idea of the load its under. This also meant a couple of tweaks to Tornado/Booster logging to churn out a basic NCSA log file as the new default.

Daniel is busy working on a spell checking app using ajax, soap (bah buzzwords!) and a pile of dhtml. We're nearly ready for v1, so I'll probably post an online version when ready. This will likely be an opensource app for you all to use on your intranet. Plan is to use only a sliver of html (script tag) to include it in other apps. We've had a customer asking for this for a looong time. It is very similar to google's gmail spellchecking. Screenshot to come.

The sandbox server for playing with Tornado (sysadmin/password) got some love today so it actually starts automatically now. Good news for those of you who have been trying to play and could get there. 

Did a podcast with Bruce Elgort http://takingnotes.openntf.org/ last week which is up on their site. I apologise for not sounding particularly vibrant. I am an excited guy - honest!

Finally, we also implemented AUTH LOGIN to the Tornado SMTP client when sending messages to a SMTP relay.