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Opportunity cost

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 2005-07-27

I find the busier I am with the technical work, the less time I have for the real running of the business. This is a dangerous tipping point, as sometimes you can be working really hard and not actually making any money. You are that engrossed with the task at hand you fail to step back and survey the big picture. That's not happening at the moment, but it can happen easily if you take your eye off the ball for long enough.

I read a book a while back called "The E Myth Revisited" which can be distilled down to two concepts:

1. Work ON your business not IN it

2. Try to run your business like a franchise

Working on the business means doing those pseudo-tangible managerial jobs that on the face of it provide no real value. Market segementation, SWOT analysis, profitability analysis, review pricing etc.

Running your business like a franchise commodotises your personal effort. A particular role is so well blueprinted that anyone can do it. It extracts your personal expertise from the business allow the business to be an entity unto itself. This I think is the most difficult step to take, particularly for consulting companies (knowledge workers) where ultimately you are paid for what's in the head of your consultants.

Definitely the best approach is to get out of the office and go snowboarding and think about it ;-) Friday I'll be out of the office!