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49 hours a day

Filed under: by Brendon Upson on 2005-06-20

The last couple of weeks have been manic. So much going on! It's a great sign, but certainly bad for my mental health. One thing is clear - you have to take time off periodically to recharge.

Running a business is a funny thing. You're a lawyer one minute, then accountant, then HR manager, then marketing manager, then programmer. I love the challenge of learning new things and trying my hand at whatever the day throws at me. Trouble is, as the workload for programmer goes up (good sign, because ultimately this is what customers pay for) the relative time available to spend on the other tasks drops. And you find yourself doing them outside of the "normal" 40 hour week, weekends, public holidays etc.

Then there's the fire fighting. Out of nowhere a "completed" product or project bursts into flames and requires some drop everything immediate attention. This is never good but happens. It's not always because of any bad software or design, but often the client starts using things in a way they were never designed.

Sometimes it is bad software. Like last friday. Kudos to Andrew Tetlaw for uncovering a rather ugly bug in our NTLM Single Sign On product. It's only through feedback from our customers and a focus on quality that we can deliver great products. Needless to say, friday night was a late one spent programming and testing (not at the pub where most sane folk are). The bug was ugly and we had to fix it. Period. So we did.

Snowcam has now been checked and I'm thinking about a snowboarding trip in the next few weeks. Call it a mental health break ;-)