Thursday, November 24 2005

Puakma as a service under Linux

Install and run Puakma as a Linux service.

How to install Puakma as a service on RedHat 7.x and above:

Puakma should be installed and running on the Linux server before beginning this service install process.

1. Get this file (puakma) and copy to /etc/rc.d/init.d
2. Change the file permissions so the file is owned by root chown root:root puakma
3. Change the file mode using chmod so that the following is displayed after typing ls -l puakma
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1204 Feb 16 2003 puakma

4. Edit the puakma file and make any path adjustments
5. Use chkconfig to install as a service. chkconfig --add puakma
6. To start the service service puakma start
7. To stop the service service puakma stop

**Note: If running as a service, be sure to add the line AllowConsole=0 to the puakma.config file. If this is omitted, the server's CPU will appear to be highly utilised as it tries to read console input from a null device.

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