Wednesday, March 01 2006

jsessionid and WebSphere portal

Linking to a portal page may show a session expired message: "Your portal session has timed out because of no activity. Please start a new session at your portal Home."

WebSphere portal server requires a jsessionid cookie to be set. This cookie is used internally by portal to maintain a server side representation of the user's "state". Sometimes when a user initially logs on using Booster ESSO and the URL the user has clicked is very long (eg not the portal start page) the following message will appear:

"Your portal session has timed out because of no activity. Please start a new session at your portal Home."

Set the puakma.config variable WEBSSOjsessionidHome=/yourportalhome where /yourportalhome is the URI of the portal home page. This will ensure users have the jsessionid cookie set by portal server. Web Booster ESSO will detect the absence of the jsessionid cookie and automatically redirect the user if this property is set.

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