Author:Brendon Upson
Subject:Changing session ID
Category:Need Help
Message:Hi, It seems to me to be cookie related. 08/09/2003 19:18:14: (I) Opened session for 'CN=System Administrator/O=System' '' (SYSTEM - pmaSystem) 08/09/2003 19:18:14: (D) 6: 14-F7837D8B08-F7837F8503 [POST /system/admin.pma/$Lo gin?SavePage HTTP/1.1] (CN=System Administrator/O=System - pmaSession) 08/09/2003 19:18:14: (I) No Anonymous access is allowed to '/system/admin.pma/Lo g?OpenPage'. Requesting login (Anonymous [] - HTTPRequestManager (80)) 08/09/2003 19:18:14: (D) 7: 15-F7837D8B08-F7837F859F [GET /system/admin.pma/Log? OpenPage HTTP/1.1] (Anonymous - pmaSession) You can see the different session IDs between the two requests: 14-F7837D8B08-F7837F8503 (from the POST) 15-F7837D8B08-F7837F859F (from the second GET) When Puakma receives a request from a client, it checks the session cookie sent by the browser against the list of server sessions, if the session does not exist, a new session is created and a new session ID allocated. It is possible that your firewall software is somehow interfering with the process (maybe stripping out the cookie on a POST?). Try turning the firewall off and see if that makes a difference. I did a quick Google search and it seems there may be some issues with ZoneAlarm and cookies: Brendon.

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