Author:Brendon Upson
Subject:Case-sensitive RDBMS?
Category:Need Help
Message:The console should have a message similar to the following: 02/09/2003 07:20:59: (I) No Anonymous access is allowed to '/system/ a/DesignCentre?OpenPage'. Requesting login (Anonymous [] - HTTPRequest Manager (80)) When you have a bad login, the following will be displayed: 02/09/2003 07:21:40: (I) Access is denied for 'test' from Check the password and try again (SYSTEM - 02/09/2003 07:21:40: (E) There was no authenticator capable of authenticating 'test' (SYSTEM - pmaSystem) "Out-of-the-box" the SysAdmin login should work. Note also your RDBMS may be case sensitive (eg PostgreSQL), so be sure to type in "SysAdmin" as the login name.

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