Subject:RE: What would you use Puakma for?
Message:What could/should Puakma do that will set it apart from the current offerings? Interesting article that one!! Sort of rings true to some conversations I have had in the past. ie. Product is grand but selling it is hard, in the past suggestions have been made to build up a demand for product through both consulting and hosting. This is actually a model used by those now big and innefficient companies such as IBM, pricewaterhouse etc.. They have consultants in there selling products and services, In doing this your products can get nurtured and start to get a bit of a life of their own, as well as providing you with a multitude of revenue making models!! I do look forward to what you come up with in the future. The thing you are getting correct is your extensive use of common sense!! "Common Sense is widom that is shared by all. It's something that registers as an obvious truth to a community" (Jack Trout, 1999)

What would you use Puakma for?   Brendon Upson 12.Dec.02
    RE: What would you use Puakma for?   Anonymous 11.Jan.03