Subject:RE: Very Funny.....
Message:You must be careful next time, is the first time I saw someone lost that amount of money just for a BEIGE BOXERS?!!!!, c'mon Brend! Now I learnt that If I'm gonna put a webcam I must wear blue boxers with small white chars , at least Mr. Gates will be comfortable to see his favourite screen. .::AleX::. Dominocode.Net I got a good laugh at this - whoever it was: thanks! :-) --------------------------------------------- Subject: Buying your server From: SendTo: Hi Y'all, I was just checking out your server, and ws considering making an offer on .75billion (US) for the IP. Then I saw your webcam of you with your feet up, in your underwear. I don't think I can deal with a man who wears beige boxers. Yours sincerely, Bill

Very Funny.....   Brendon Upson 12.Dec.02
    RE: Very Funny.....   Anonymous 13.Dec.02