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Subject:Webpshere portal

Hi, sure you can help me, I am new to Puakma, I need help getting it working with websphere portal.

I have a win2003 server with puakma and wse 6.1 installed. WSE is listing on port 10040.

in booster.config I have this setting

This give me the error:

13/07/2009 16:41:05: (I) BOOSTER listening on port 80  (SYSTEM - BOOSTERServer(80))
13/07/2009 16:41:07: (I) -- UNLICENSED - FOR NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY --  (SYSTEM - puakma.addin.booster.BOOSTERAvailabilityThread)
13/07/2009 16:41:07: (I) 1 servers are now available for  (SYSTEM - puakma.addin.booster.BOOSTERAvailabilityThread)
13/07/2009 16:41:18: (E) Could not allocate a free thread. Waited 5000ms. 400 threads currently allocated  (SYSTEM - pmaThreadPoolManager)
13/07/2009 16:41:18: (E) Could not process the proxy request due to a threading error  (SYSTEM - BOOSTERServer(80))

Setting it to:

works OK


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