Author:Mark Leusink
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Subject:WebBooster overwrites Expires header
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I'm evaluating WebBooster for my company and have installed it on a Domino testserver. WebBooster will be used pimarily for one large web app and if tests are succesful will be rolled out to a dozen or so web servers used by different customers. The design of the web app includes a large number of static javascript libraries and images that are currently served from the domino\html folder. The application's start page for example includes about 50 images.

For performance reasons we recently configured the server (using site rules) to add far-future expires headers to those resources. That way, the resources are cached on the user's workstation and served from the cache until the expiry date. The browser doesn't even check on the server if the resource is different from the local version. This gave us quite an increase in performance (a lot less HTTP GET's to be performed an every request).

WebBooster however, seems to overwrite the expires header with a date/time that is approximately 1 hour before the time that the image was served to the browser.

Any thoughts on this? Is this by design? Can it be disabled for certain paths?



WebBooster overwrites Expires header   Mark Leusink 03.Jan.08
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