Author:Brendon Upson
Subject:RE: pmx import failed?
Category:Need Help
Message:Possibly during your installation, the import of the pmx files failed. If you downloaded on the 14 August then this is most likely. Steps to fix: 1. Download the zip file again, and unzip it somewhere on your disk 2. Replace /puakma/bin/puakma.jar and all the pmx files in /puakma/temp from the fresh download 3. In a command prompt go to /puakma/bin and run: importapp /puakma.pma importapp /system/admin.pma importapp /system/webdesign.pma Check for and note any errors with the import. $Login is a page which exists within /puakma.pma - This is the default login form used when an application does not specify its own.

SysAdmin Login   James 19.Aug.02
    RE: pmx import failed?   Brendon Upson 19.Aug.02