Author:Jens Bruntt
Email:jbr at
Subject:ESSO and National Characters in username
Category:Web Booster

I am using the Booster/ESSO.  Version number is 2.94.

Authentication works fine. I ACL-protected Domino resources through the booster server.

I have a user who has a Common Name component that contains a national character.

For this user I see a problem with the name that Domino now sees:

The user does get a LTPA token. But when I display a Domino page containing @Name([abbreviate]; @UserName), the name displayed contains a different character than the national one that is supposed to be a part of his name.

Also, if i use @UserNamesList, I don't see all the groups that the user belongs to, but only * and */=Organisation.

I have installede the Java SDK, I was using just the JRE before - it doesn't change anything.


ESSO and National Characters in username   Jens Bruntt 09.Aug.06
    RE: ESSO and National Characters in username   Brendon Upson 09.Aug.06
        Works now the config-parameter did the trick   Jens Bruntt 10.Aug.06