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Subject:java NullPointerException with connecting with Vortex

I'm just starting to play with Puakma and I've got a Tornado server up and running.

I downloaded the complete Vortex IDE and I'm trying to connect to Tornado, but I'm getting a "Java NullPointerException" error in the "Open Application" dialog box when I select my server's connection parameters (localhost with the standard sysadmin user and password.)

Any suggestion as to what to do about that error? I've tried running with JRE 1.4.2_11 and 1.5.0_07, but same results.

Also, how am I supposed to update the SOAPDesigner.pmx file on the server?  I saw a reference to using the "system\webadmin" application, but I don't see a way to "replace" the design of the SOAPDesigner.pma that's already installed with Tornado.

I'm a Domino developer here in the US and I've been looking for a product that has similar features, only works better for web development.  I'm considering launching an ISV and need a better tool than Domino to deploy applications.

I think the move to Open Source is a great idea -- you'll recover revenue with a significantly greater demand for consulting services! 

java NullPointerException with connecting with Vortex   Anonymous 19.Jun.06
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