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Subject:http POST to Domino via WebBooster sends Header packet only
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Message:Hi there We are running Web Booster Enterprise Server v3.2 03 Aug 2005 Build:539 on both a Win2k server running Domino 6.0.3 (tried 6.5.4 as well), and running the same WBooster on a seperate Win2k server running nothing else. The Win2k servers are all 'standard' - that is not 'advanced' etc etc. The problem we have is that when doing POSTs using either HTTP 1.1 or HTTPS 1.1, under certain circumstances, the POST to WB looks fine until the browser decides that it needs to communicate with WB again to re-negotiate the socket that it is using. After receiving an ACK, the browser then only sends a POST header - no body is sent - and an ACK is received back. The result is of course that the Domino server only gets forwarded the POSTed header without any body data. To explain how we reproduce the problem, the web page has a file upload in it; the user clicks a button to open a dialog box to select a file from - while that dialogue box is open, ALT-tab to a windows explorer, copy a file and rename it, then ALT-tab back to the file dialogue box, click cancel / close, then click the button again to re-open the dialog box to select a file from, this time click on a file (not double click) and click open / select which closes the dialogue and returns the filename, then click the upload button that will perform the POST - it is at this point that sniffing the traffic unearths what is going on ! I don't know why WB felt that the preceding packet exchanges from browser to WB were not okay when they did look to be okay .... If WB is taken out and either http or https is used with Domino 'normally', then we do not get this issue. However, WebBooster is there for a very good reason ! Compression ... so we need to find an answer ... real quick ! Your urgent attention is appreciated, If you would like to talk about this on the phone then please email me from a private email account and I'll supply a phone number. Many thanks Giles

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