Author:Brendon Upson
Email:bupson at
Subject:Yes. BOOSTERPublicDir=../html_public
Category:Web Booster

Set the puakma.config parameter to BOOSTERPublicDir=../html_public (or where-ever you want to serve from).

If the incoming URI matches a file in that folder on Booster it will be served. URIs that don't match will be passed to the backend http server.

Note: 2.70 or later of booster is required to support this feature (see changelog

Serving content from the html_public directory   Andrew Tetlaw 13.Jul.05
    Yes. BOOSTERPublicDir=../html_public   Brendon Upson 14.Jul.05
        RE: Yes. BOOSTERPublicDir=../html_public   Anonymous 01.Aug.05
            2.70 will be available later this week   Brendon Upson 02.Aug.05