Author:Brendon Upson
Subject:RE: ...they should
Category:Web Booster

It looks like the servlet is responding:

22/06/2005 11:24:56: (D) 3 Reading server headers ( - BOOSTERreq (80) )
22/06/2005 11:24:56: (D) 3 HTTP/1.1 200 OK ( - BOOSTERreq (80))
22/06/2005 11:24:56: (D) 3 Header read. content=0 bytes connection=close (10.10 .1.21 - BOOSTERreq (80)) 

Is the servlet looking for something special in the URL or http headers? Can you add some debugging info to the servlet? From the above it looks like it is sending a zero byte reply.

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