Author:Patrick Niland
Email:patrick.niland at
Subject:Domino Servlet do not work with Web Booster
Category:Web Booster
Message:Hi... I am having a problem with Servlet's on my Domino server when i enable the Web Booster. If i access the Servlet's though the normal URL (i.e. through the Web Booster) they are not called and i am returned a blank web page (see below). The only way for me to access the Servlets, whilst using the Web Booster is to access the Domino server directly using the HTTP port that domino now uses (e.g. 8001). (i.e. I would have to use "", instead of ""). I can use this work around, but is there any way of accessing the servlets without bypassing the Web Booster. Thanks Patrick Niland

Domino Servlet do not work with Web Booster   Patrick Niland 21.Jun.05
    ...they should   Brendon Upson 22.Jun.05
        RE: ...they should   Patrick Niland 22.Jun.05
            RE: ...they should   Brendon Upson 23.Jun.05