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I have a Domino with SSL (provided by my Domino CA). The Web Booster doenst works.

Domino doesn't support PEM files. Text by Notes help: "Before you request a certificate from a third-party CA, make sure the CA uses the PKCS format, not some other format, such as Privacy-Enhanced Mail (PEM)."

Is it possible to use the Puakma Wb Booster with the Domino SSL?


You will need to use BOOSTERPorts=443SSL

There should be a test (expired) certificate in the standard install which should work fine for testing. To install youur own certificate you will need to insert your own certificate in the keyring file using keytool.exe which comes with the Java SDK. The basic instructions are as follows:

1. make a self certified certificate
2. create a CSR and send to certifying authority
3. get the reply and paste into a new test file called something like server.pem
4. execute: c:\j2sdk1.4.2_03\bin\keytool -keyalg "RSA" -import -file server.pem -trustcacerts -keystore yourkeyring.kyr
Enter keystore password:  xxxxx
Certificate reply was installed in keystore

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