Author:Jens Bruntt
Subject:Configuration-solution sounds fine
Category:Web Booster


I like  this soulution very much. Then you can configure for your situation.

Is the search using exact match or is it truncating (asterisk) ? If it is truncating, then I suggest that you also make that configurable:

WEBSSOSearchTruncate=1 or 0

NTLMLTPA and name resolution - any tweaks?   Jens Bruntt 30.May.05
    RE: NTLMLTPA and name resolution - any tweaks?   Brendon Upson 31.May.05
        Configuration-solution sounds fine   Jens Bruntt 02.Jun.05
            Exact search   Brendon Upson 02.Jun.05
            WEBSSOSearchAttributes=cn,alias,sn: New functionality added.   Brendon Upson 03.Jun.05
                Works nicely - thanks   Jens Bruntt 14.Jun.05