Author:Brendon Upson
Subject:Difficult one...
Category:Web Booster
Message:The long answer: Both the problem and benefit of Java based software is that it will run on any platform with a 1.4 JVM. So for performance analysis, it is difficult to compare hardware, eg How much faster is a Sunfire 10K than a Pentium 4 Xeon? The short answer is that Booster requires very little overhead. 32MB of free RAM and a Pentium3 would be the minumum recommended spec. If you want to cache heavily, then bump up the RAM a lot. Obviously there are also slight speed differences between the JVMs too, so you should always try to install the latest available. SSL encryption of network connections also adds a significant load to the server, so Booster performing SSL duties should have a faster CPU than one working with unencrypted connections. Edge caching makes a huge difference to overall performance so we definitely recommend enabling the cache. Gzip compression adds a trivial CPU overhead.

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