Author:Brendon Upson
Subject:RE: Print Writer
Message:write(String s); -------- Inside the action you can write straight to the browser with the this.write(""); or this.writeln("Your string"); commands. The difference is that writeln() will append a CRLF to the output. setBuffer(byte buf[]); ---------------------- Alternatively you can set the return buffer by calling this.setBuffer(bufBytes), which is great for sending images etc to the browser (don't forget to set the content type though -this.setContentType("new/type");) streamToClient(byte buf[]); --------------------------- And finally, you can stream straight to the browser by calling this.streamToClient(bufBytes); Note that with this method you will have to set all the HTTP headers and replycode, as well as set the content. This gives you complete control over the response.

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