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I am seeing a Puakma ESSO discarding the Expires http header that Domino includes in it's reply before forwarding the reply to the Browser user.

I am wondering if my problem could be related to the bug that was fixed in ESSO version 2.105.0:

If a server set a far (eg 5 days) future expiry date that exceeded the maximum cache time, the "Expires:" http header would not honour the original expiry date set by the http server.

How do I see what version of ESSO the server is runnig?

If i look at http://sever/testsso I get a line saying this:

Server:   Puakma Enterprise Server Platform v4.1.0 Build:783 - 16 January 2008




Expires headere being discarded by Puakma ESSO   Jens Bruntt 30.Apr.09
    RE: Expires headere being discarded by Puakma ESSO   Brendon Upson 30.Apr.09
        2.103   Jens Bruntt 30.Apr.09
            RE: 2.103   Brendon Upson 01.May.09