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I open a browser and go to http://myserver:10038/wps/myportal. (myserver is puakma ESSO. I have a WebSphere Portal 6.0.1 behind it).

I now get a portal page with this text: 

"Your portal session has timed out because of no activity. Please start a new session at your portal Home"

The funny thing is that your portal home is the URL I was trying to get at in the first place.

I now enter the same URL in the browser again and everything works like expected - I see the portal home page.

 I can now browse the portal like I want to. 

I now close my browser and open it up again and go to the same URL again. Works just fine.


I have this parameter set in my booster configuration file:


But from how I read the ESSO documentation, that parameter is for a special situation?


Is there a way of getting around this problem? 

WebSphere Portal: Your portal session has timed out...   Jens Bruntt 21.Sep.07
    RE: WebSphere Portal: Your portal session has timed out...   Anonymous 22.Sep.07
        Yes - let's remove jsessionid on ESSO login   Jens Bruntt 28.Sep.07