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Hi there,

We have an application that we are looking to use with WeBooster. We have carried out a number of tests and have an outstanding issue that maybe someone has had before.

HTTPS with Web Booster & Domino works fine on some machines, but on others we get Page Not Found errors + javascipt Object/Field not found. The Javascript errors occur independently of the Page Not Found error. The errors occur in the same place in the application.

* 2 out of 4 test machines have no problems, the other 2 do.
* HTTP with webbooster & Domino works fine on all machines.
* HTTPS with just Domino, and no Web Booster works fine.
* We still get the problem when setting Domino & Web Booster to communicate via HTTP, and Web Booster listening on SSL.

On my machine I cannot get the errors to display although I did manage it once about a week ago.

I have debugging and header debugging switched on and at level 5 and no errors reported. I have switched off compression with BOOSTERgzip=0 and caching with BOOSTERServerCache=0, the problems still occur.

Any help much appreciated,



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